Synod Questionare # 5

Questionnaire No 5   SENT TO EVANGELIZE

To renew our faith and commitment to the Lord, we need, apart from well formed and dedicated catechists within our communities, people committed and again well prepared in the different ministries: Sunday Service Leaders, Readers, Preachers, Communion givers, Funeral leaders, including choir masters…We need very active people in leading the communities, animating them.

This questionnaire has to do with the New Evangelization, which is the renewal of our Christian Faith and commitment to Christ. During this month of October there is a Synod of Bishops from all over the world being celebrated in Rome on this very subject. There will be many ideas and suggestions coming from it. In the meanwhile, as we go ahead with our diocesan Synod preparations, we offer to you this new questionnaire.

As in the past, we ask you to read it carefully, think about the questions and possible answers, and offer your suggestions. Remember that we are supposed to WALK TOGETHER in this journey, leading us to the celebration of the Diocesan Synod.


  1. Which ministries do you have in your community? Sunday Service leaders, readers, preachers, etc.  Are these ministries exercised by different people or one or two take nearly all the responsibilities? Explain.
  2. Are there any ministries you are missing in your community? Which ones? Explain
  3. Were all trained for the ministries they are exercising?  Were they commissioned for those ministries at a public ceremony?
  4. Are you satisfied with the courses offered at the Pastoral Centres for these ministries? If yes, explain. If not, why?
  5. Would you add any other workshop for ministries?
  6. Any need of a course on leadership for those ministries?
  7. Do you have a marriage committee in your parish? Does it work well? Did the members receive any training for this ministry?
  8. How is the marriage preparation done at your Parish/Mission/Centre?
  9. Is there any type of marriage renewal courses in your nearest Pastoral Centre? Is there anything at parish level? Are you satisfied with it? Explain.
  10. Do you have at your Parish/Mission/Centre marriage renewal ceremonies, especially on the Holy Family Feast? Explain
  11. Do you know what Marriage Encounter is? Do you know of anybody who has done this in your parish/centre?
  12. Is there anything organized in your parish for young couples (not yet married) and newly married couples? Explain. Is there anything you are missing in your parish/centre on marriage and family apostolate? Explain
  13. Are there any young adults who do not fit into associations in your parish/centre? Is there anything organized to help them grow in their Christian faith and to be committed in the apostolate?
  14. How are you dealing with people who do not easily fit in the normal life of the community?
  15. Would you like to add any other suggestion?


Final date to send answers: 31st of December 2012

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