Synod Questionare # 4


Dear Christians: Once again we greet you in the Lord’s name and thank you for your efforts in answering the questionnaires, for your prayers for the success of the Synod and all other activities carried out in the whole diocese related to it. Remember that we all have to walk together in the light of the Risen Lord. That means to identify the problems, the weak points of our faith, and to try to find out solutions to those problems. As we say in the Synod prayer, this is a time to renew and grow in our faith.

If you look at the Diocesan Pastoral Plan, you’ll find that it has three main parts/objectives:

1. How to grow as the Family of God

2. How to be Witnesses to Christ

3. How to spread the Gospel, or how to Evangelize

So far the questionnaires were dealing with the second objective, that is, How to be witnesses to Christ. To do that we have to be people who work:

  • · For Reconciliation, justice and peace (that was the first questionnaire)
  • · Help those in need (second questionnaire)
  • · And people who live their faith with and undivided heart and in a truly African way (third
    questionnaire). (We have found that a good number of answers were not truly reflecting the way we
    behave in times of trouble. If we fail to identify the sickness, then we’ll also fail to find the cure to it)

The answers you have sent so far are being compiled and will form a chapter of the working paper for the Synod. Once this chapter is written, you will get it back, for further reflection and new suggestions.

We now move forward to the 3rd Objective of the Diocesan Pastoral Plan: How to spread the Gospel, or how to Evangelise. A good, dedicate Christian, should be a Missionary to others. This present questionnaire is asking us how we do that at all levels. Again we ask you to be truly involved, that is, to think about the questions, privately and in groups, and to answer honestly what is being done at present in your parishes and centres.

Pope Benedict XVI in Africae Munus says: “Today, too, the lord Jesus exhorts the Christians of Africa to proclaim in his name ‘repentance and forgiveness of sins to all nations’ (Luke 24:47). For this reason they are called to be witnesses of the Risen Lord” (cf. Lk 24:48) (A.M. 163). And he adds in the following number:

“The proclamation of the Gospel must recover the ardour of the beginning of the evangelization of the African continent” (A.M. 164)

In answering the present questionnaire we should have in mind the words of the Pope and suggest ways to improve on the proclamation of the Gospel. Once you get this questionnaire, you have two months to

answer it. We hope that by the end of July the questions will be at the Bishop’s office or beginning of

August, 6th August, the latest.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

The Synod committee


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